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May 21, 2007
Decluttering and time to sell some clothes I either never wear or never have worn. For sale are three pairs of long pants, all made by ExOfficio, all 100% nylon, all in great shape, all UPF 30. These are well suited to warm climates. Pricing: $30 shipped for any one pair. Buy two, $50 shipped for both. Buy all three, $65 shipped for the lot. I take PayPal. Send PM if interested.

#1: BugsAway Echo pants. Size 36Wx32L. New with tags. Has hidden zippered pocket, treated with Insect Shield to ward off the bugs. Relaxed fit.

#2: Nomad pants. Size is 36Wx32L. Lightly used. Has elastic waist, thigh cargo pocket. Relaxed fit.

#3: BugsAway Sand Fly pant. Size 34Wx32L. Used only once or twice. Has Insect Shield treatment. Has mesh panels for ventilation, roll-up snaps, zippered hidden pocket. Tighter fit.