Parting 1994 Discovery D1 w/ D110 brakes and new driveshaft


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Parting 1994 Discovery D1 w/ D90 brakes and new driveshaft

Sad to say that I think I'm taking my D1 two the junkyard in a couple days. Besides the motor that it needs I added up the amount of other work that would be required to bring it up to spec and have decided there are cleaner examples out there if I wanted to build it back up. I don't plan on partying the entire vehicle as I don't have time but anything that is easy to Paul I am happy to cell and I will list the highlights here.
* Defender 90 front calipers and pads with less than 5000 miles on them.
* fairly freshly installed Center Drive Shaft with new U joints on both ends.
* OME rear springs. I need to double-check the number but I think it was 781 or 782 that also crosses to the D2. It's in between the medium duty and heavy duty springs.
* both rear tail lights and front headlights are in good shape. Driver side front blinker is cracked.
* one Hella Rallye 1000 driving light. In case someone has a cracked one like I do. So yeah I have two but one is broken.
* front seat bottoms were recovered with Fabric Center and vinyl outers and are in pretty good shape. Beige
* beige D2 front cup holders
* black rear floor mat. Factory one for the back seat that covers the whole back carpeting area.
* that's about it for the really good stuff. Everything else is pretty average quality for a 180,000 mile 1994 discovery

It's going to the junkyard soon so if you want anything make me a reasonable offer and I'll snag it. If it takes me more than an hour to pull it I'm probably not going to do it.

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Mar 3, 2015
How much for the Defender 110 front calipers and pads to 92630? Also are they the vented rotors or solid rotors?


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Jan 23, 2011
I would like to have the cup holders.

I also need a headlamp finisher for the driver side. It is the L shaped plastic trim piece under the headlight at the edge of the grill. Mine is cracked.

While you are at it, I could use the little plastic “nuts” that hold driver and passenger side interior plastic kick panels on, if they are beige.

Any chance the door storage pockets are beige and in good shape?

I’d like to see a photo or two of the seat bases.

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D110 setup is vented and the rotors and pads are slightly larger.
It's subtle stuff it's behind the same wheels and everything was too big. Some salts are physically larger which equals more swept area. If you either tow or have larger tires I think it's worthwhile.
I will respond everyone tomorrow if I can. Came down with the flu and haven't felt like typing and I'll try to p.m. everyone with prices.


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Hey everyone. The company I work for went through the change of ownership which just buried me with work the last two months. It just got around pulling most of the parts people are interested in over the last couple days. I'll get those that had interest in parts at least of all time to let me know if they are still interested and if so I can ship parts out this week.
If you have p.m. to me I will reply to the PM's individually. Car is still in the driveway if anyone has additional requests but I plan to scrap early this week although a cold snap is headed this way and I'm not too Keen about pulling the Land Rover on Snowy roads so I may wait till it warms up a bit.


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Very sorry to anyone that wanted parts off of this beast and waited with no response from me. I've got a few not so good excuses but for the most part it was buried in the snow bank and I just didn't feel like pulling parts in the middle of winter. Weather changed from a mild winter to snowpocalypse just days after my post.

Weather is decent now and I pulled most of Hertz I think people will want yesterday. Truck is going to the junkyard today hopefully. Pics of some of the parts are in the link below. Let me know what you need.