Politics forum is closed


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Apr 27, 2005
.A lot of LR Disco owners told me they left the forum due to the constant bantering of political differences.
I question the veracity of this statement. First of all, there aren’t even that many “LR Disco owners”, and most of us are dispersed far and wide. Its not even a “thing” like it was years ago. There aren’t even that many regular posters, and the site doesn’t rely on advertising revenue. Furthermore, this statement is pretty much identical to that which typical SJWs will use to exert pressure on corporations. It’s just a technique. Chris made the decision for his own reasons and it’s his sandbox. But I would bet you’ve made this same statement in other media, for other reasons.


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Dec 3, 2007
High Point, NC
So I'm a member of R/C forums. I fly fixed wing aircraft. Drones.... I dislike them.... They have given our hobby of 50+ years (starting with control line) a very bad name. Fuck, the FAA is even on our asses now. Do I venture over to the Phantom Done Sub and get anxious? Blast my option? No. It's a separate sub, you don't like it, don't read it. People who don't understand and/or practice this are insecure and incapable of digesting / maneuvering around separate ideologies. It boggles my mind this is even thrown around as an excuse to 'leave' dweb. Two words, Grow up.
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The Politics forum is closed indefinitely.
I've been on this site since I bought my '00 disco in '01. It's one of the most informative sites for disco stuff anywhere, and my go-to for pretty much anything not spelled out in the workshop manual. That said, the culture is often quite toxic, even in the tech sections, and if Chris wants to spend his time, energy and money keeping it online and trying to keep it cordial, I whole heartedly support him.

Thanks Chris!
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