rebuilt front drive shaft

Jul 20, 2017
Vancouver Island
After noticing the odd chirping from the front end, and eventually some shudder through the steering the wheel, my 2000 Disco 2 was talking to me....fix my driveshaft. From looking underneath, the most forward facing u-joint showed shiny in the grove area.

So after putting some WD-40 and letting it sit overnight, the bolts came off the shaft nicely. If the shaft is off, you might as well do a thorough front and back u-joints with that middle ball and all greased up. The parts cost about $200 CDN or so and a couple hours of labour. Not bad.

Much better driving now, with no vibrations. I would hate to think of a cost of a damaged tranny and poked exhaust if the shaft came loose.

Next project is to drain the transfer case and redo the seal around the multi-bolt plate.


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Sep 14, 2016
Suffolk, UK
Good to know you rebuilt the front driveshaft.
For my peace of mind I went ahead and replaced my front drive shaft with a new one that had 5 grease zerk fittings. I make it a point to grease it every time I change my oil.