Rocker talk


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Apr 20, 2004
St Louis, MO
I am replacing the rocker arms and push rods on my GEMS 4.6 build. I have a few questions about the differences I'm finding.

On the new Brit Part ones, the shaft has oiling ports on each side of the pedisatal. They are off set for and aft of the hole for the mounting bolt. On the inside of the rocker arm there are holes that line up with the oiling ports. There are two part number arms that have the oiling hole off set in them. So you alternate the arms to get the ports on the arm to line up with the one on the shaft.

Now on the old factory assemblies, the oiling port on the shaft is larger and not off set. They are equal distance from the mounting bolt hole. The rocker arms have an off set oiling hole inside them. They are all the same unlike the new ones. Let's say they are all off set to the right. When looking at them, I see no possible way the oiling port on the shaft would ever pass the one on the arms.

Any observations or opinions?