RT 3" Coils and Bilstien 5150's




Could that "hop" be due to soft-valving on the rear shocks?
I say this because I had the same issues with the rear end when I had the soft N76 shocks in the rear. After going with the N25s, its all GREAT.


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Mar 30, 2004
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Dan, As much as you off-road, I really think you will like the RTE. Mike Noe's D2 was unbelievable at UWH. BTW hope to hook up with you guys later this summer ;)

Okay so it sounds like the SHD is the way to go (for me), but I have to find a shock with the proper valving. Interesting. Looks like I am going to do some more research.

Thanks for the inputs folks. JJ please be sure to report back here and give your side of the story as how the RTE performs for you.

Paul Morgan