Say it ain't so, General...


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Apr 22, 2004
North Carolina
Damn it all. General discontinued my favorite tires. After speaking with Continental, they contend that the tires were simply not required given the performance of their new mud-biased units. We shall see. In the meantime, I'm waiting for a call from General's product design guys to work through the details, and see where the decisions were made.

Haven't looked too far into the new ones beyond the last time I mentioned them, but it looks like I'll end up with a set one way or another. I was hoping to see if I could fit some DII-compatible units under the rear of my Impala for a bit of fun.

The Grabbers on the Rover currently still feel brand new. The compound hasn't aged in any readily observable manner, and still retains the excellent properties they had when new. Many popular compounds would really, really be showing their age, at this point; especially after so long sitting.

I'll look into the mud tires, but I do really like this tread pattern. I wanted a set of those, anyway. I just didn't want them at the expense of these in the market.