Semi Large Quantity of parts for sale, multiple years, various model


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Jan 30, 2019
Hey, My name is Bob I am in Atlanta GA. For reference I use the same name: 3pits on Ih8mud, Ebay, TheOutdoorstrader, GON forum and probably others.


I have a semi large amount of parts for I am assuming various years and models of Land Rovers, I want whoever buys these parts to be happy.

I ended up with these parts and parts for Land Cruisers from a guy that owned a shop in Atlanta. Yea, you probably know who he is...I am no longer friends with him and am in no way affiliated with him.

I have a few Land Cruisers and do not know really anything about Rovers...

He originally worked on Land Cruisers and eventually morphed into working on Land Rovers and a parts warehouse.

From what I read in the online bankruptcy documents he screwed a lot of people along the way, from huge corporations, to customers, his wives and every person that could have been considered his friend at one time or another…

Long story short: the guy owed me some money I agreed to accept these Rover and some Cruiser parts as payment… now I need to sell them.

THE GOOD: I have about 35 12 gallon totes of Land Rover parts, (and some larger 25 gallon totes too) some parts are new, some are used, almost all were listed on EBAY at one time, so they should be good saleable parts. Most of the parts are clean.

I have a stack of YRM parts, stainless nut and bolt packages and some slightly bigger things that will not fit in totes.
All kinds of stuff:
no doors,
no body panels,
no axles or transmissions,
no diffs,
no transfer cases…
no windshield frames,
no seats,
no wheels,
no roll cages,
no hoods,
no fenders,
no tubs or tops…

THE BAD: I do not know much about Land Rovers.

THE UGLY: I want to sell all of the Rover parts in one transaction, and I do not know what it is truly worth as a large package deal or individually…. I was told there is about $10,000 in retail parts here.

My starting asking price is $5000, I am negotiable to a degree, (IE $1000 will not take it….)

Maybe you have always wanted to be a parts reseller Ebay, maybe you have a shop and restore Rovers… maybe you and your buddies need a bunch of parts or your club would want to buy it all to keep and use or sell to other members…

I have not inventoried all of the totes. I have taken photos of the contents of all the totes, but in haste, some parts are still in Ziploc baggies and I did not take them out for pics. It is possible some of the photos may have parts overlapping. I have tried to take photos of everything only once, but due to the shear volume and lack of space in my living room I may have some overlap in some photos.. (I know there was one box I did not empty to photograph) I am not trying to scam anyone or sell and disappear. My living room is small, so it will be kind of hard to go through every tote to verify and inventory what all is here. I am negotiable on the price and my starting price is what I was told I might be able to get out of this, to mitigate my losses.

I am in the Westside of Atlanta. I am willing to deliver the parts locally for free after payment has been agreed and paid… I will help you load my trailer (5x10 with 18” side rails), drive it to your house or shop (metro Atlanta) and help unload it etc for no cost. Distance may dictate doing this on a weekend or pre arranged day.

Outside the Metro Atlanta area delivery is negotiable.

Some manufacturer names: Britpart, YRM, Bearmach, Land Rover

I am willing to answer any questions about condition, and quantity, but have no idea about compatibility of parts.