Snow here in the south

Hi, just returned from a couple of days enjoying snow in Villa Pehuenia with some LR friends.

I share some images



Pino Hachado, going along with Litr?n river.

Next morning...

Batea Mahuida crater in the background. This is a small ski-resort in an indigenous reservation
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Land Rover meeting

Fresh snow

Quiet sunset near lake Alumin?

Lunch at old customs
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A friend helping a bit my 18" rim Scorpions with a borderline milestone at sight

Back from borderline (2200 meters altitude)

And exploring places until it was night

Picnic near Quillahue stream

Ski descent of torches in full moon night, ski-resort Batea Mahuida

Painful photo as it is our retreat by Pino Hachado

Calibrating wheels pressure in Zapala
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Hope you can see them!

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Nov 26, 2011
Darien Gap
That snow looks refreshing. It's been 100 - 105 here and looks like this, except much more smoke. Haven't seen the sun for a month.



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May 15, 2018
Bend, OR
Looks like fun. :)

Tomorrow is supposed to be the last 90+ F today here, with a return to normal seasonal temps. This run of high-90's days we've had has gotten old; everyone's looking forward to it.