SOLD: 1995 D1 5 Speed Manual Tdi


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Jan 25, 2013
Southern Pines, NC

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$7971 for everything and $7491 if I keep the spare transmission and winch

For Sale, 1995 Land Rover Discovery Tdi, ~153k miles on chassis and counting (I drive it one day a week). Drivetrain has ~31k on it since rebuild/install of Engine, transmission, and transfer case. Truck was a TX truck until 2013?since then it?s lived in PA (one spring--didn't drive it on salty roads), NoVA (didn?t drive it on salty roads), and NC. It?s not completely rust-free, but it is very, very rust-free compared to many discos of this vintage. Frame is about 99/100 or even better. Only rust I have found at all is on the floors where water leaks collected under the carpet?this was just surface rust that I polished off and primed. And in the L/F wheel well area where I suspect brake fluid has gotten spilled and removed the paint. Truck runs perfectly and gets 20mpg pretty much no matter how you drive it?around town, highway trips at 75mph. A/C works. Engine is a marvel?I cannot tell you how fun it is to chuff around Uwharrie at 1200 rpms and just go up everything. Only selling because the family has expanded to a point at which this truck is just too small to accommodate our Clampett-family camping style. And the A/C is frankly a bit anemic for NC summers?not great for chucking kids in the backseat in a 10000-degree parking lot and having it cool them off rapidly.

-300Tdi engine, rebuilt just before install in 2014 at 122,645 miles on the odometer
-R380 5 speed manual Transmission, also rebuilt same time
-LT230 Transfer case, 1:1.2 ratio (factory ratio for 300 Tdi Discoveries) rebuilt by Ashcroft, installed at 123k miles, after I realized that the 1:1.4 transfer case originally installed (Defender t-case ratio for 300 Tdi?s) was geared lower than we like.
-Yes, registered as a diesel in NC (NC titles don't show fuel type)
-Proper fuel sedimentation/filtration system?sedimenter from Rob Davis and Fuel Manager 2 micron final fuel filter in stock location. Fuel flow is tank?sedimenter?lift pump?final filter?distributor pump.
-Saudi grille (made of pure unobtanium)
-Madman EMS2 Engine Monitoring System installed?monitors Exhaust Gas Temperature, coolant level, oil pressure, transfer case oil temperature, voltage, and coolant temperature.
-D110 front calipers (larger pads and pistons than stock disco front brakes) and new Ferodo brake pads installed April 2016 (127k miles)
-Cooper STT Pro 215/85R16 tires installed December 2016, 133k miles
-Overtym Rock sliders installed fall of 2016
-Great Basin Rover double/single cardan front prop shaft, just rebuilt (150640 miles?April 2018)
-Great Basin Rover heavy duty tie rod
-Overtym HD front drag link
-OME HD springs, shocks, and steering damper
-Tactical Armor custom front and rear bumpers with recovery points, winch mount, and side protection handle thingmos on the rear bumper
-Warn XD9500i winch
-Safety Devices high roof rack?one repair at the front which I forgot to photograph, but will do shortly. Piece of tubing welded in to replace a section the rack?s PO had let rust through.
-Paddocks wrap-around differential guards front and rear

Fixed in the last few years:
Serpentine belt tensioner bearing replaced March 2015
New (used) rotary coupling installed in steering wheel April 2015
Replaced coolant expansion tank bleed valve and hose assembly June 2015
Replaced rear door lock springs August 2015
Replaced ?P? gasket and water pump (genuine) in Sep 2015 at 124624 miles.
Replaced rear left and rear right door lock actuators December 2015
New rear brake pads Feb 2016 (126k miles)
New aftermarket fuel lift pump installed April 2016
A/C Compressor clutch idler bearing replaced October 2016
New seat foam and diaphragm for driver?s seat from Exmoor Trim installed October 2016
New ZF Power steering pump and all hoses Jan 2017
New Nissen brand radiator installed July 2017
New tie rod ends July 2017
New Elring head gasket, vave cover gasket, head bolts, and new #2 glow plug installed at 139225 miles?Aug 2017
Injection pump timing set August 2017
New speedometer sender October 2017
New windshield (Safelite) and rubber trim, 30 October 2017
New rear suspension top link ball joint installed Feb 2018
New turbo CHRA cartridge installed Feb 2018, 148k miles
New exhaust manifold gasket Feb 2018
New oil pan seal (elring STC 611) and oil filter housing (a.k.a. oil filter head) gasket and oil cooler thermostat o-ring installed December 2018.
Latest oil change?new Rotella-T and Wix filter 152k miles.

Ashcroft R380 transission (defender setup) with 30k miles on it
Original turbo CHRA with rebuild kit

Treated frame inside and out with Fluid Film in early and late 2015.

What's not right:
Paint is not great at all--probably a candidate for plasti-dip, new paint job, or monstaliner. Or just drive it.
The blasted thing leaks (very little) in the rain. You'd think the British would design weatherproof vehicles. Nope. I've mitigated a good bit, but a small amount of water still finds its way in little drips in the passenger side A pillar.
All sunroofs disabled--front one sealed with silicone. No leaks from the sunroofs!
If I were keeping it, I'd chip out the old caulk and re-caulk the gutters with something modern and nice and soft.
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Jan 25, 2013
Southern Pines, NC
Thanks, but even a d2 is too small for our new size family needs—sorry for the slow response—I think the migration might’ve broken my alerts...
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May 21, 2007
In another life I moved to Asheville instead of Seattle, became a better whitewater kayaker, and bought this truck. It will be a good choice for someone.
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Jan 25, 2013
Southern Pines, NC
Thanks for the inquiry--PMd you my phone number and will follow up in a minute with my email in case that's easier for you--please call at your convenience. For all others, PM or post to this thread and I'll send you phone and email. Thanks!


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Jan 23, 2011
Still for sale? If it is, I am amazed no one snatched this one up. Worth more than that in parts.


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Jan 25, 2013
Southern Pines, NC
Yup, still for sale, and, yeah, I think it’s a pretty smoking deal—which is seen a sea like this before doing the build—would’ve saved me around 7k in parts....

But of course the market will bear whatever it’ll bear...

Entertaining offers!