**SOLD** 1999 D1 SD for sale


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Aug 25, 2019
The Woodlands, TX
1999 Discovery 1 sd w/164k. White. 164,xxx miles.

Location: Spring, TX
Price $3750 OBO

Runs great Cruise works
Shifts perfect, t case also shifts great
Has 2” tf lift (HD according to previous owner)Tf steering damper
Title is clean, TX truck its whole life
Carfax is also clean - I have it available

Not so perfect:
It has had an impact and had some panels changed so it says se not sd on the side.
Exhaust is currently off from center to the back. I have it but it likely needs replacing - I can help with this if buyer is interested
Driveshaft will need a rebuild soon - I have the uj’s here ready to be done.
Title was lost - current being worked on
Windshield has a crack

Fell out of love with the truck and want to put the effort toward another project. Will come with stock sd bumper without fogs or can come with a foglight bumper, or an already trimmed for offroading stock bumper. I have a brush guard that can go with it also for the right price. Can send pics to interested parties.
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Sep 12, 2018
Do you know a Mr. Robert Downs? He had a stable of Series rovers and lives/lived in Spring. Probably the only guy in Spring driving around a Series diesel.
But that was in the 80's.


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Aug 28, 2016
College Station , TX
If the title is clean and in your name you can go to the right Tax office (call them to see which one) and it's like 5 bucks and ten minutes and they'll print you off a new title. I had to do this once. Major cities have at least one office that offers this.

Otherwise, go to your local office and they will mail the new title to you. Takes a week or so.


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Sep 20, 2007
Parker, CO
Mine got wiped out by a drunk the other night. Leaving town for the week. If it still avail when I get back I will see what we can work out to get it to ColoRADo.
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