**SOLD** Salvage '96 D1 SE7 5-Speed + lots of extra parts


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Apr 20, 2004

Salvage Title, Runs, but not currently drivable, needs clutch replaced

Bring a trailer. For real. Located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I need this truck and all the parts gone. Selling in one fell swoop, not parting out. I've been holding on to this thing for too long thinking I would someday restore it on my own, but life, and particularly covid this past year, has forced me to finally take a stance. I have a treasure trove of rover parts in my storage unit that go with the package including clutch plate and fly wheel, differential gearing, additional steering wheel, matching grey binnacle (small unnoticeable crack on current one but I found a spare, just in case), extra brake pads, spacers, all kinds of stuff. Also included are 3 body panels to replace the panels that got scratched from the accident in same matching Altai Silver. I've been holding onto this stuff for awhile. So basically, come pick up the truck, then we go across town to my storage unit and you load up all the parts (I'll help of course).

Here's the run-down:

*Salvage Title
My ex purchased it back from the insurance company after an accident. They totaled it even though the truck was still running and safe to drive and there was no damage to the frame. It took a minor hit to front right fender and front right side was scratched all the way to back of truck. No airbags were deployed. The fender was replaced right away. I drove it for many many years after, regularly through the winters up until this last year. He signed the title over to me after we divorced. I had it re-titled. Oddly, when I got the new title, it never stated anywhere on it that it's a salvage. But I know it shows up when you check the VIN
*Altai Silver
*156xxx mi, manual transmission
*not garaged, paint oxidized on hood and top of roof, other spots. Pinstripes from wheeling
*For the past 6 years it was my winter assault vehicle, hasn't been my daily driver since 2007.
*Currently not drivable. It runs. But the clutch is going, so I let it sit over the winter (I know, shame). She has just enough to drive herself up onto a flatbed. This truck is the perfect candidate for a donor vehicle. A mechanically inclined rover person could easily get this back on the road as well. But she's not drivable as-is. JC's Rover replaced the clutch at around 80000 miles so it's not the first time to go through one. Good news is I have a replacement clutch plate and fly wheel that's included in the sale.
*The usual suspects, three amigos, sunroofs that don't work, electrical gremlins, window regulators all shit the bed, plastic inside is getting brittle, saggy headliner (more towards the back), curled dash though I tried to keep sun exposure down over the years
*typical rust of this vintage that I can tell, though she's not falling apart. It's been in CO, in my possession, for almost 20 years; originally from FL then NC. The bolt on parts like the custom sliders and wilderness roof rack, ladder, tail light guards are rusting and would need to come off right away. I'd do it but I'm kind of an old lady now with no time to deal with this any longer.
*Of course she leaks oil though main culprit has always been power steering res, just always kept topped off with red ATF
*I don't think gas tank recall was ever completed
*ignition lock is somewhat finicky, key has to be in just the right spot to turn it over. I've just left the key in it for past decade or more, never any problems.

There are some kinda bright sides:
*R380 Transmission was rebuilt by Southwest Rovers LLC in 2007 at 126K. She was no longer my daily driver after that. Only 30,000 mi on the rebuild.
*New starter, new alternator (2020)
*new brakes/pads (2019)
*Grey leather and interior is in really good shape overall. Really just the drivers' seat shows the obvious wear on the left seat bolster where you get in and out of vehicle. No tears otherwise.
*Genuine LR Factory dog guard
*Jump seats (one is removed and is included in the parts)
*Genuine LR Discovery rubber mats including cargo area, the nice heavy ones
*Wood trim interior
*2" OME lift w/HD coils & shocks
*OME steering damper relocated
*QT diff guards f&r (these are the weld-on type)
*Coolant overflow tank replaced with the better, revised one
*235/85/16 Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs, studded, 65% tread remaining. Also have 4 BFG MT's (yeah, original) with 50% tread left- great for trails but terrible in snow/ice, hence the Duratracs currently on the truck.
*Factory roof rails
*Original Discovery owners manual
*Auto-dimming mirror that works
*2 key fobs

I will add more pictures as I find them, only allowed 10 at a time. Pics of parts to come, will go out to storage unit to take them and will post up soon. Lots of stuff in boxes.

Sold AS IS, cash only, no exceptions. No parting out. Local sale only, or you come here to get it. I am not responsible for dealing with transport or answering questions or facilitating anything regarding transport- that's all on you. Trailer required to get it off my property.

Vehicle is located in lovely Steamboat Springs right near Strawberry hot springs, make a day trip out of it and please somebody buy this girl! Hate to see her go but the clutch going was the impetus to finally and truly say goodbye. I've just got other priorities right now.

Thanks for reading!

Nine seven oh
three three one one five seven niner - text or call if interested or shoot me an email at bigdumpski at the gmail with ROVER in title


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Apr 20, 2004
more pics


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Apr 20, 2004
and more


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Apr 20, 2004
And some others..sorry if duplicates. I have matching body mold that goes to right rear passenger door too.


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Apr 20, 2004
Let's see, what else. She's wired with XM Radio's commander head unit, comes with remote, have had satellite radio since it's inception. This works great, just call to get set up, I can dig for unit # if you need. Free old school Cobra CB radio and antenna included, works. The 2 pieces missing from driver side rear door is from my old lab, she clawed right into the door. Cargo pocket/unit on rear door needs replaced, it's barely hanging on. .
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Jun 30, 2008
Golden CO
Oh man! Id love to take this project on but I just bought a 1994 disco that I am flipping. Once I have it sold in a couple months, id be interested in yours.

I am located in colorado and always looking for a an excuse to go to steamboat


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Jan 23, 2011
Can you post photos of the rear door opening by the wheel arch where they typically show rust?


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Apr 20, 2004
Why does this new site post pics in the opposite order in which I clicked? In any case, I'm about to post on CL but I'd much rather see her go to a rover person as a donor/parts vehicle for selfish reasons. Even though I'm finally giving up on her I'd like to think her spirit remains. I'll cry when she's gone for sure.