Steering Damper Bolt and Nut Part Number or Size and Specs


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Mar 20, 2019
Santa Barbara, CA
Does anyone know what size the nuts and bolts are on the steering damper? I can’t be certain if they’re:

Bolt - ANR1193 (or ANR1191)

Nut - ANR1000

Does anyone have specs for replacement parts, like an M10 x 50mm flange bolt with an M10 - 1.5mm nylon insert nut? Or are these M12? Would it be a bad idea to use bolts that are threaded the entire length?

I’m trying to deal with some wonky steering/driving issues and the nuts/bolts on my D2’s steering damper seem to be totally seized... I’ve sprayed them down, we’ll see if that gets them off, but I’d prefer not to reuse them, especially the nuts.

I’m hoping to figure this out before beginning since I live in a remote area and I’m trying to avoid getting stuck.