Steering Wheel Wrap Review


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Sep 24, 2020
Aloha. Has anyone ever wanted to wrap their steering wheel? I did. So I bought this:
I have wrapped (6) vehicles we have owned in the last (2) years and this one was by far the worst experience.

After (3) hours of fighting with the thread, I gave up. The tread is not waxed like the others I have used so it gets tangled and knotted every few minutes and you have to cut it and start over. The needle they supply with it is an actual needle, so in threading the loops if you grab a couple of strands of the loop you have to back out and retread it. And finally the amount of material supplied is way too much. So instead of stretching to fit nicely it gets bunched up and folded into the bends.

Its a piece of garbage. Total waste of time, overly complicated, excess material and terrible thread.