stripped nut


Apr 19, 2004
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While taking off my rear drive shaft, one of the nuts was rusted on and now its stripped and i cant get it off. Ive been trying to get it with a vice grip but cant get a good enough hold on it because there is not enough room. Anyone have any ideas? Whats a good rust remover? How can i remove the drive shaft joints to get more room to work on it?

marc olivares

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Apr 20, 2004
plasma cutter?

ok, seriously, are you talking about the pinion end or the transfer case end.

pinion end offers a bit more room to get a die-grinder with a cutoff wheel on to the nut to cut it off and get new nuts and bolts.

if your talking about the transfer case side, first remove the pinion side and wire tie the shaft up in the air (against upper links is fine) and use an air hammer with a chisel tip to spin the nut off the bolt. note that if you trash the bolt you will have to remove the brake drum to install new bolts.

now have at it and don't hurt yourself