SYA Kit Rear Limiting Straps Problem

Casey Pontes

Active member
Mar 24, 2019
Posted this to ExPo, but want to see what the DiscoWeb community has to say...

I installed the SYA Kit on my 2007 LR3 with stock 18in rims and 265/70 tires. However, I'm encountering a problem: the rear limiting straps are binding on the rear inner wheels and tires at full extension. In order to compensate for this, I've had to install 30mm terrafirma wheel spacers, but the wheel spacers push the wheels out far enough to where the tires will contact the fenders if I suffer an air system malfunction, or if a tire is stuffed off-road. Along with the straps, I also installed the metal tabs Lucky8 sells which are supposed to keep the rear limiting straps from binding on the wheels, but the tabs aren't working as advertised.

Anyone out there encounter this problem and find a solution? I don't want to run wheel spacers, but am currently forced to due to the rear limiting strap situation.31F55713-598E-4054-ADB4-096806FF4182.jpeg