Thasis Vancouver Island

Jul 20, 2017
Vancouver Island
Just a nice old logging road to get to this remote fishing community on Vancouver Island. Had to pass a couple of those large articulated dump trucks. Go west from Campbell River to Gold River, then north to Thasis. Drive pass Thasis and you end up in Woss. A fun drive in the fall. Nothing major.


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May 21, 2007
Very cool. I just came back from 8 days on the island. Went up the SW coast - China Beach, Port Renfrew, then Cowichan Lake, then Englishman River Falls, then west to Tofino for 3 days. Would love to see more of the island. Gorgeous place.


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Jan 26, 2009
Lake Villa, IL
Nice! I was up there a few years ago fishing. Took the ferry into Nanaimo and from there past Cambell River, Gold River, and to Cougar Creek campground. It was a fun road in a small rental car!
Took the boat up to Moutcha Bay Resort, which you probably passed, for a shower.
Great fishing up there!!!