The six tausends

I'm going to add some photos to share the immense landscapes, which we enjoyed during a trip to "the seismiles". It is a place where all the mountains that surround us have all above 6000 meters.
Also a bit off road, we made several interesting trips
A view of the Rioja plain from the cockpit of the Disco, in Los Tuneles. The Andes are still beyond the horizon ...

My travel mate passing through the cornice between Vinchina and Jagüe (La Rioja)

Viewpoint of the Ocre Canyon. Obvious places to meet another Disco ... This poor, tired, taking passengers on excursions several times a day.

Here the inclinometer reached attention values, on the way to station 9 of La Mexicana mine at 4400 meters above sea level.
There is smoke, despite turbocharger, oxygen is missing there ...

Families boarding after visiting station 1 of Chilecito cableway. Incredible centenary engineering work.

The minors of the team in viewpoint of thermal baths of Fiambalá.

My travel mate evolving with his Go-Pro around Laguna Verde, on the way to the Pissis volcano.

Through the balcony of the Pissis, on cloudy and rainy day

Companions of the trip next to the Green Lagoon

Kissing the route after 90km of hard road and with crew suffering from "soroche" (altitude sickness).

Cooking chicken on disc in Fiambala under rain, with hurricane winds, no light, no water ... it did not stop us, haha!

Cross from Paso San Francisco from behind Peinado volcano. Ascents in loose sand force us to deflate. Lava stones oblige to be careful.

Sand already dominated in height, with deflated wheels

Looking for exit in the Peinado lagoon

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Already in Antofalla's salt flat, under rain i got stuck in a cut, trying to avoid running out of the plastic under front bumper. The Lady (name of my mate's Disco) did hit a little twitch and we left.

Inflating tires from 10PSI to 25-30PSI to continue, Antofalla salt flat south end.

Going down from sand-semi-covered lava skirts to the salt flat of Antofalla, poor colors of image absolutely distort that marvel

Sand and more sand, rain and a rainbow that our mate never reached

It's getting dark at Antofalla's salt flat ...

... And "the Lady" still crossing to Antofagasta de la Sierra. Her shock absorbers exploded when boiling its oil content
Interesting road detour sign from Antofagasta de la Sierra to Belen

My friend crossing one of the places where river took the route, road to Belen

Before returning home we stretched up RN40 to Cafayate and San Carlos (Salta). RTT helped the dynamics

From there we continued north RN40 until we again camped in Cachi, under heavy rain

And from there we went down Cuesta del Obispo, which literally didn't let us see anything this time ...
This place is where we have to travel trough clouds by descending

I hope you liked them all
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