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May 21, 2007
Having spent 5+ years in Africa, including traveling to 13 countries on the continent, I can confidently say that the video is not Africa. It may be filmed on the African continent, but it's like someone from Sudan watching some fail videos on YouTube and saying "This is America." Furthermore, it takes the phrase "This is Africa" out of its true context. TIA is an expression that combines frustration with resignation and a twist of humor to respond to situations of absurdity, bureaucracy, or annoyance.

For an example taken from personal experience, you go out to dinner in Cape Town and the state-run utility shuts off electricity to the entire neighborhood just as your drinks arrive. Now only certain menu items are available and the register is out of action so you have to pay in cash. This is when you say with a smile, "This is Africa." Or you need to fill your Land Rover with diesel and the line (queue) at the petrol station is 500 metres long - "This is Africa." I could fill a book with examples.


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Aug 7, 2016
Everything you say may well be true, IDK. I swing through this forum from time to time I use to hang out at called accuratereloading, found the vid there. Knowing some here lived abroad I thought I'd post it.

I know this, I love hunting and time spent in the woods. My job and wife have afforded me the opportunity to spend more time in the field than most short of those who do it for a living. That said the "safari" thing has no appeal to me. Don't like the structure or the hunting over bait.


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Apr 20, 2004
Explain to me why these Ausie accented posing poofters like to circle jerk around a dead lion.