Turkey Baster

Jul 20, 2017
Vancouver Island
An easy way to replace the majority of your power steering without flushing. Just add on a bit of plastic hose to your turkey baster and suck out the old power steering fluid from the reservoir. Replace with new, drive for a couple of weeks and do it again. After 3 times, you have replaced about 85% of your fluid.

On my 2000 D2, I noticed a subtle change in behaviour and less whining. No leaks or problems observed. Never tried Lucas power steering conditioner, just the Pentosin stuff.


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Sep 30, 2005
Genesee, CO USA
I used that method for changing brake fluid.
Sucked out most of the old juice from the reservoir, filled with fresh, then did the 4-corner bleed.
Which is a PITA working alone.
I have 1 of those pressurized things that goes on the brake reservoir; looks like a hand-pumped garden sprayer.


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Sep 14, 2016
Suffolk, UK
Here's what I do (BTW I use Pentosin CHF 11s & Lucas power steering fluid with conditioner on my Disco 2):
jack up front of truck,
run the engine,
put clear hose on steering box bleed nipple and secure with a wire tie,
crack the bleed nipple on steering box,
turn steering wheel lock to lock,
keep eye on reservoir so fluid level doesn't get low,
add new power steering fluid if getting low,
continue bleeding until maple syrup colored fluid stops comes out steering box nipple and now looks like new fluid color,
tighten bleed nipple,
shut down engine,
lower truck,