Vancouver Island


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May 21, 2007
I'm thinking of taking the ferry over to the island this summer with friends and a couple Rovers. Never been, would love to explore some out-of-the way areas. Anyone been? Would appreciate some recommendations for things to do, trails to drive, scenic & remote campsites, etc. We'd prefer to camp in the wilderness the entire time, probably spending 4-5 days on the island. Might take mountain bikes and kayaks. I have also posted on the Roverlanders BC forum, but that place doesn't get a ton of traffic. Hopefully I'll get some suggestions from the locals.


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Aug 11, 2014
Las Vegas
I love this idea. I've always wanted to go. There is a member here that bought a D2 from me who lives there. We still keep in touch. The way he talks about it, it sounds amazing. How are those damn Mesquitos there? I've seen video of Alaska in summer and good God it seems like a blanket.

I don't think I could do this and Baja in one year. Otherwise I'd be all over it. It's the same distance from me more or less.


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May 24, 2007
Boise Idaho
Victoria is great. It's not over landing but it's a great town to check out for a day or two. Awhile ago I took hwy 4 across to Uculet. I stopped a lot along the way to get out and hike or just sit and relax. The scenery is amazing everywhere. It's the closest I've come hitting a bear. There was about 20' left between us. He figured out which way he was going and took off. Bears are all over but I never felt worried or got bothered by one. I spent the week between Uculet and Tofino just hiking around on the beach and e Pacific Crest trail. It was July and there were no bugs during the day. Mosquitos are vicious around dusk. The ferry ride is fun too. Sorry for the enthusiasm but BC is my happy place. Been hanging out there for the past 18yrs. mostly on the coast of the mainland. I remember someone was talking about wheeling around the circumference of the island. I thought that would be fun.