WANTED: Range Rover Classic LWB


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Dec 30, 2015
Chattanooga TN USA
WANTED: We have an immediate need for a 1993-1995 Range Rover Classic. Requirements include good driver quality LWB unless a SWB is super compelling. Cannot have a salvage title, mnust be clean clear in your name. Prefer green, blue, or white, will consider black if compelling. Needs to be sorted, not looking for a project, nothing rusted out, but doesn't need to be restored or a museum piece either. Doesn't have to be all original but not interested in any modified trail rigs. An ARB or winch or bumper here or there is fine, small add ons like that but not a wheeler. PLEASE don't ask what the budget is, if you're interested in selling please send me an email or PM with details (miles, issues, some info and an asking price...price will be kept private except to buyer). This would be a direct buy, NOT a Second Daily auction (although we will never turn down a good Classic for auction if you're interested).

Please email us with what you have and please include details, a few pics to share, and an asking price.


pic for reference