What is a fair price for used 4.75 GBR W/ ARB Locker Front/Rear?


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Oct 7, 2008
eugene, OR
Its funny I ask about a fair price and only one person gives one but everyone has something to say about how I build my truck. Did only one person read the title to the thread?


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Sep 7, 2004
Atlanta, GA
I got stuck trying to figure out what 3 grams has to do with anything.
omotemanji said:
how high, 3g at 75?

Doh! I get it now. How high? ... 3 grams...
A thread in code about about coke maybe?

Greg Davis

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Apr 20, 2004
Charlotte, NC
I ran 4.75's w/ 35" tires on my DII. Loved the higher RPM. 70 mph was around 3K. Made the vehicle feel reasonably responsive.

Downside is I broke the gears my first trip to Moab. With the Rover centersection, it means to get that ratio the pinion gear is very small, allowing it to flex under load. This in turn causes the mesh between the pinion and ring gear teeth to get out of line, and the end result is ring gear teeth being sheared off.

I'd stay away from that ratio in a Rover axle.