What size Ribe socket for head bolts?


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Feb 9, 2020
So I am working on a head gasket job on a 2011 LR4. I've been able to track down all the specialty tools except the socket driver needed to remove and replace the head bolts. My searches tell me it's a RIBE type, but nothing I have found indicates the size. I'm guessing a #9 or 10 and will just order on snap-on or Matco and do trial and error if no one knows.


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Dec 5, 2004
Los Angeles, Ca
It is not RIBE, its Polydrive. A 10mm allen is the correct tool to use on Polydive. The idea behind Polydrive is that in manufacturing they use the bit that looks like a RIBE socket because the tool will last longer. The design of the bolt head allows for the use of allen in service. One word of caution (my apprentice has made this mistake) is to make sure you have the socket perfectly straight when using an allen. The design of the bolt doesn't hold the socket upright like on a normal allen bolt. There is a special tool to hold the socket in the bore for the head bolts.
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