While I’m in there disease...


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Jan 23, 2011
So, I have a used 4.0 I was told was running well when parked but no other information was available. It is super greasy so I figure it has some miles on it. On the greasy scale, I’m guessing around 100K.

However, at some point someone put heat tabs on it. It was probably installed as a used engine from a salvage yard. The heat tabs are intact and that at least gives me some confidence it hasn’t been overheated.

I was only planning to replace the head gaskets as a preventive measure. Since I have them and the heads will be off anyway, install some low mileage heads I just happen to have, replace all the gaskets/seals, and clean the sump / oil pick up while it is easy. However, as a camshaft, lifters, timing chain/gears, and oil pump gears are relatively cheap and easy to replace, “while I’m in there” I figure I will do that, too. Well, if I’m going that far, why not do bearings and rings? Well, if I’m going that far, why not find a 4.6 crankshaft, rods, and pistons?

I bought the D1 it is going into with a locked up engine. The plan was to install a 300TDI but I will not have time for that for a while. I figured I could get it drivable with the 4.0 I have and get it going quickly. Now, I am thinking I may want to keep it a V8 and use it to pull a trailer from time to time.

I have another D1 with 300TDI and really like it, but it is useless pulling a trailer.

Maybe I should just go all in and do a thorough rebuild to 4.6 specification.