WTB D2 2003/4 Base Model


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May 16, 2014
Hi all -

Longtime lurker. Looking to get into the club.

I'm looking for a 2003 or 04 D2 without sunroofs (so the base model) . Prefer white or silver or green. Under 150k miles. No frame rust. I live in Minnesota so would be happy to pay for shipping for a clean truck (a modded truck is fine too just not too beat up)

Want to spend around 10k

Please let me know what you have.

Aug 20, 2007
Nashville TN
There’s usually a few nice one in the 10k-13k range on landroverforums.com. Dweb is pretty dead with good D2s but they do pop up occasionally. Facebook groups (not marketplace) have good ones pop up too