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Would you mind sharing how you got your rig to run around 180 F? I think a lot of folks here would be very interested.

Al S.
Hello all, I'm a recent 1st time disco 2 owner and am looking to outfit my 2004 D2. I'm in the telecom industry here in the USA and needed a vehicle the could climb the steep mountain roads that i sometimes have to traverse in order to reach the cell towers. Am looking fwd to this forum experience.
Hi will, I’m in New Zealand, sheep , snow, beef and rugby, i was looking for replacement things in the sunroof that leak , the small plastic thing the tube goes into, I’ve seen some 3d printed do you have a source for those ?
Hey what you wanna bet me I can get Kenny all wound up and get him banned again?
What is he even blathering on about know? I seriously just skip his posts because he rarely has a point.
Like Grandpa used to say,"Talk ,talk ,talk but he don't say anything."
Hi Will,
I was told to come to you to buy a used ignition switch and key for a D2. Do you have any for sale?
I do....With matching door handle and 2 extra blanks 150.00
1990 RRC - 3" OME Lift, Rebuilt 3.9, Wolfs, ARB rack, ARB Front Bumper, Winch
2002 D2 OME HD, Ashcroft T-Case, ARB Rear Locker, Under Armor-front to back, SafetyDevices Rack, ARB Front Bumper. No Engine.
2004 D2 HSE, Top-Hat D&D 4.6, Erson Cam (Wedgeshop), All Focal speakers, rear camera, stock everything else.
I'm Interested in the load bars off of the Disco 1 you recently bought, if you don't have plans for them.

Let me know...


Do you mean the removable bars that go between the fixed roof rack bars?
When deleting the cats can the pre cat O2 sensors be deleted or should they be retained for closed loop readings ?
Good afternoon Will,

Do you have a good black dash cover for a D2?
Mine is curled up like a dead flower.

Thank you
Hey, I wanted to check with you, I am having issues with my 04 DII. The problem is putting fuel into it. Currently I can only put about 12 gallons into it. A couple of months back I could put 16, so the problem whatever it might be is getting worse. Ideas??? Thanks, Keith
On your truck I've seen it but it's not very common. I think you either have a restriction in your evaps system. I'm thinking it has a dmtl pump that has a normally open vent that gets shut when the vehicle is checking for leaks. I've also seen a roll over valve in the filler neck cause it. Also if your charcoal canister is full of fuel it will cause it.

Just figure for fuel to go in, air has to come out.
you wouldnt entertain shipping at all? I would pay and get both
I would I just have to check shipping
Up and running! Replaced CPS (fixed the issue) and while I was at it, I replaced the SVS. Now about that alignment...