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Hey Will, do you have a 95 Disco drivers seat manual no heater beige in decent shape if you have just the seat that's fine
Hi Will, I purchased a 04 CDL from you about a year ago. Anyway, I am going to remove the 3rd row seats from my D2. I would like to install the storage bins that came on the SE or HSE models. I'm looking for them in black and in very good condition. Have you any of these? Thanks...
Hey John - Not sure if you remember me, Frank Battersby, from the trail clean ups in Ringwood years ago. How's everything? I saw your post that you're parting a '95 Disco. Would you happen to have a pair of the key fobs that you'd sell? I'm looking for a pair of the early, single button style that was on '94-'95 Discos.
Hi Will,
I was looking for a dash wiring harness cut from a D1- any year. I am putting in some accessory gauges and wanted to continue to use factory colors for the hook ups. I guess the longer the better. Would you have anything?
absolutely.... around binnacle?
Dave P
Dave P
What would the length of it be?
I need to get power for instruments and lights to the top, center of my dash to hook up 4 gauges with power and lighting. I wonder if a RRC harness section would have the stake on connectors for dash light bulbs.
Question: I am looking for 2 mounting screws for my 2002 Land Rover Discovery II OEM Cluster Panel Bezel. This is needed to mount the Instrument Panel to dash. Would anyone be able to assist with this. If not would you know what type of screws are needed ( Size / Width / Etc ).
Hi, yes please do send a pic, might as well get one for when I do find a nice brush guard thx