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    URE!15 Uwharrie Rover Expedition! vs15.0

    Registered and looking forward to it.
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    It never made it to Georgia as far as I can tell. All is well in Augusta.
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    MAR 2018

    I should be there
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    ROAV Rovers At Wintergreen - April 6-8 (Virginia)

    Trails definitely got slick on Saturday
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    What winch do you run?

    Really nice winches. I really like the air free spool it is almost zero drag if the line is spooled properly making it stupid easy to run out the line and a lot less back breaking. They spool in super fast and don't seem to mind being worked really hard. If I could afford one I would snap...
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    Disco Coco :: 1997 Land Rover Discovery

    Once again I like where this is going.... Maybe on his block there is a lot of cock sucking going on?
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    The Black Sheep :: 1989 Jeep Wrangler

    I'm in we both know I'm a moron
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    The Black Sheep :: 1989 Jeep Wrangler

    I like where this is going
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    Marks adapters for D2 chevy swap

    Have you checked with trailhead 4x4 to see what the charge to do the LS swap running rover electronics?
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    Which would you pick?

    G-Wagon than L322
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    Gun Safe-What do yall have?

    :rofl: I just have a run of the mill stack-on with a spin dial lock. It's more about making my wife happy not real security.
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    Happy birthday netjaws

    I thought that was a thong and a butt plug.....
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    Happy birthday netjaws

    ahh dances with cheese there is a long forgotten character