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    Selling some Defender-related domains

    This is a benefit for DiscoWeb (and NAS-ROW). The domains were generously donated by Mr. Dan Chapman and the registrations extended for a year by me. Bidding procedure and details can be found here:
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    Quality Coat/Jacket

    I want to spray bleach on this thread and then burn it.
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    Adjustable Panhard Arm for D2

    I think Britpart. Not totally sure. It's super beefy and I run the Defender version on my truck.
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    Music for tonight

    This song was written by the brothers Gibb of BeeGees fame. Most know them as just a band that did some popular and shitty disco songs but as songwriters, they've written some timeless classics. One of my favorite Bocephus songs: ...and this Kenny Rodgers and Dolly Parton hit:
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    Adjustable Panhard Arm for D2

    $110 + shipping Bring yo own bushes.
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    Welcome to the new DiscoWeb

    DiscoWeb has been moved to a shiny new server. Let me know if you notice any issues. Hoping that it's super snappy for you now.
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    Hand brake disc conversion worth it?

    I love mine. I had already rebuilt my drum twice and was sick of dealing with it. I have little kids and didn't trust the drum to hold the truck on my inclined driveway with them running around, so I bought the X-Brake. It's fantastic. The instructions, however, are not fantastic. They are...
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    Music for tonight

    Music for today:
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    Music for tonight

    Love this. Every night this week for me:
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    Damper mounting bracket

    Leave if you want. It's never been a democracy here.