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  • I removed them from a 99 Disco 1 that would not start. It was a Cleveland, Ohio truck, so everything was rusty under the body. Found out the computer was shot, causing the no start. Decided to part it out rather than messing with computer.

    They are not damaged in any way. If you are installing them on a Disco 1, you shouldn't need anything else. Like I said in the add, they do need cleaned up. If I were installing them, I would buff the ends that screw into the radiator and use degreaser to clean up the rest. They are very nice lines, but the lines on my truck are relatively new and I already have a spare set.
    Hey D1,

    I'm interested in the cooler lines but had a few questions. Why did you pull them? Are there any other lines I need? Are they damaged in any way?

    Thanks. I can send Paypal payments asap.

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