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    Free D3 original spare (philly burbs)

    LR3 original spare, had rust but wirewheeled and POR15'ed it. If anybody wants it I guess its better than not having one? Shipping would be probably be prohibitive, but I'm willing to stick a label on it if you send me one. Tire appears to have almost zero miles. I'd personally toss the wheel...
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    Discovery Bottle Jack

    I have one out of a 2004 D2 (Red OEM one), make me an offer? (shipping from 19038)
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    2 x LR3 rear console aux/cig lighter panels (OEM) - Free

    Not sure how I got 2, but these are leftover from a D3 I sold (which I removed to replace with an LRBT-1). Free, just pay shipping (or send me a label)
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    5 x OEM NAS90 wheels (16") - will also fit D1 and RRC

    A friend who doesn't use forums has asked me to list his OEM wheels off of his NAS90. They're all in pretty good shape with expected scuffs and wear from ~25 years of light use. They were original to his truck which has about 90K on it. I'll add more pics once he sends them to me, but here's the...
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    Options for a good running motor, '01 D2

    My dad's '01 D2 has bad head gaskets, so we're trying to swap something in "easily" until we can do something a bit more permanent (not sure if we'll do a full rebuild with top hats or even an LS swap). Anybody got a good running engine for this? He's located on Long Island.
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    LR3 Air Suspension Shocks

    Any rover shops that'll take them so they at least get re-used?
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    LR3 Air Suspension Shocks

    I'm saying there are people that want to buy these, expand your sales reach.
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    LR3 Air Suspension Shocks

    Ebay? Other boards such as expedition portal?
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    Wikipedia help... need an existing writer/poster/editor

    Does anybody here have any experience posting/editing articles on wikipedia? I'm looking to get something created, but a new account will always be rejected... Please PM me if you can help? I already have the template for what I'd like posted, I'll buy you a beer/coffee/taco (virtually/e-card of...
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    Free parts, D1, LR3, Defender

    D1 amber side marker housing only. No cracks but dirty. OEM rear of console, cigarette lighter + aux port. Removed to install LRBT-1. Defender cracked but still in OK shape port side wingtop grill all free, you pay shipping or send me a label to use (outgoing zip is 19038)
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    Sold - LR3 parts, Curt hitch (new in box), 18" alloy wheel, Lamin-X amber headlight film

    For sale, LR3 Curt hitch, New in box, never removed or installed $150 + ship (OBO). 10 spoke Alloy 18" OEM Wheel tire is already removed, no center cap - $125 + ship (OBO). Lamin-X amber film for LR3 headlamp $25 + ship - All items located in NW Philly suburbs.
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    LR3 cross bars

    Located outside of Philly, used is fine, don't want to spend a lot, doesn't need to be OEM