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    D2 Half Frame replacement job

    I'd like to bump this up to see if there are any updates. I just picked up another D2 that has a very rough rear quarter of the frame. I rest of the truck is super clean and low mileage. I'm thinking about doing the rear quarter replacement from Rovers North.
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    3" springs

    I'd be curious to know about how these would work on a D1. I'm in need of D1 springs for my XD.
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    3" springs

    I'm going to these are for a D2 (based on your signature line)
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    *SOLD* 1995 D1 SD

    It would cost you that much in paint to make it BaT worthy.
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    SOLD: 2003 D2 For sale as a donor vehicle or to scrap yard

    Just in case anyone is curious, George was kind enough to send me some pictures. Now I know why the shop refused to touch the truck any longer. It's unfortunate because the rest of the truck looks great. If anybody decides to pick it up for parts, please let me know. I need a few things that I...
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    SOLD: 2003 D2 For sale as a donor vehicle or to scrap yard

    I'm only about 45 minutes south of Madison. I sent you a PM
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    New Bronco

    My boss just picked his up last week. His previous vehicle was an Evoque. I was going to ask if he liked the Bronco. But it's only been a week. I'll wait a few months.
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    New Stockober

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    New Stockober

    Good D1 seat diaphragm? Also looking for a D1 radio (with code).
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    2020 Defender

    I may need to give some more thought to the D90. I was concerned about the size. But if it's close to the D1 in capacity, it might be a good fit. I'd probably remove the rear seats anyways. I can't remember the last time I had more than 2 people in any of my Discos
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    2" lift (shock & springs) for D1

    Anybody have something available? I'd like to get something fitted before the snow flies. I'm located about 1.5 hrs NW of Chicago and 1 hr west of Milwaukee
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    LR4 is stuck in Park

    Remove the cup holder. There is a red strap under there. You'll need to loosen the screw and then pull the strap to the left. Found in 10 seconds on google
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    Terra Firma Steering Guard (skid plate) for D2

    No bolts. Brackets are not "hardware" ;)
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    Terra Firma Steering Guard (skid plate) for D2

    I bought this a few years ago from Will Tillery and never installed it. It was intended to go on my TReK but the guard won't fit with the winch tray. It is super clean but doesn't have the hardware. $220 shipped
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    INEOS Grenadier

    It would be nice if they had at least a price "range". Its a vehicle that seriously interests me. But I'm not going to give them $450 to hold for 2 years while they get pricing and whatnot figured out.