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    2020 Defender

    Battery in the passenger compartment is pretty common nowadays. The Chevy Traverse puts it in the second row, halfway under the front passenger seat, and you have to use a torx bit to open the compartment on top of moving the seat forward. Super annoying.
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    I want to snap my axles with this.

    That article is two years old. I wonder what (if anything) has happened to that engine since. It certainly sounds promising on paper.
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    Tools - don't forget what they are for!

    BREAKER BARr: long-handled tool used when your goal is to break a bolt in half inside of whatever you are trying to remove it from, thus requiring you to disassemble approximately 4 more components than you had originally intended.
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    D2 viscous fan clutch “upgrade”

    I think when they fail, they get looser, so less effective cooling. On the 2626 that was on there before, I could literally see oil coming out of the fan clutch itself. You can kinda see it on the blades of the fan in my pics.
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    D2 viscous fan clutch “upgrade”

    The old clutch was not an OEM clutch. It was a Hayden 2626. So three different Hayden clutches, three different types of bolt.
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    D2 viscous fan clutch “upgrade”

    Update: the 2991 does indeed fit, just barely, but it infuriatingly uses different bolts than both the old clutch and the 2781. So back to the hardware store I go.
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    D2 viscous fan clutch “upgrade”

    After checking in other places, it appears that the 2991 “Extreme Duty” is actually 6.5” in diameter, while the 2781 “Heavy Duty” is 7.2”. Interesting that the stronger clutch is actually a little smaller, and that some places have the dimensions listed wrong. Going to order the 2991 now.
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    D2 viscous fan clutch “upgrade”

    The fan clutch? It’s definitely a 2781, has it printed on the back. And its dimensions match what I’m seeing advertised online. I didn’t pay much attention to the measurements when I ordered it at first. I’m beginning to suspect that my fan blade just isn’t the right one.
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    D2 viscous fan clutch “upgrade”

    I mean, I read what you wrote, but you also see the pictures, right? The outer diameter of a 2991 is over 7 inches, and the diameter of the center section of my fan is like 6 and 1/2”, so that won’t fit. Is it possible I have a different fan blade than what works with the bigger Haydens? It’s...
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    D2 viscous fan clutch “upgrade”

    The 2781 and 2991 appear to have the same diameter measurement, so I believe I would have the same issue with one of those.
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    D2 viscous fan clutch “upgrade”

    Fan clutch on my 99 D2 crapped out, so I figured I’d try one of the slightly beefier Hayden units, a 2781. It is too large in diameter to fit the fan properly, but I’ve seen numerous threads that describe the 2781 being a drop-in replacement (same for the 2991, which has the same diameter as the...
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    Apparently, Buying a Car is Difficult...

    Could be break in "nanny mode", or it could be that the ECM has a function where it "learns" your style of driving and makes adjustments over time.
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    Ordering and Installing Top Hat Liners for 4.6 Bosch Engines

    There’s a machine shop out in Winder called Eagle Machine. They specialize in British stuff. I’ve had them do a cpl sets of D2 heads, and they came out beautifully, but of course liners are a bit more involved. Call them and see if they’ve done it before, good chance they have.
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    Free D1 Parts Truck - Atlanta

    PM sent