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  • I have a 4.6L Bosch long block out of a 2004 discovery II. The block itself has either a slipped liner or small crack in the block. No overheating, but a small amount of coolant pooling after running in cylinder #4. I have replaced the block with one that has been tested and top hat liners put in. This block is a good candidate for that.
    Selling the block for $1500 or best offer.
    So, re torquing the heads after repairing a definite head gasket failure # 1 bolt on the left bank stripped in the block When I took the head off the bolt coming out of that hole ( near cylinder #6 that had the misfire and obvious gasket failure) was very corroded and the threads going back in were a little rougher that the rest,. Not too hard, but definitely a noticeable difference. Stripped the head ( bolt came out with aluminum in the threads). Makes me wonder if the person who did the last HG repair torqued this bolt with oil in the hole and and cracked the head, causing the blow out. At this point, I am assuming my only choice is a new block.. If the block is cracked, heliocoil won't be effective.

    Any thoughts????
    OK, p0306 cylinder 6 misfire. Spark is good at plug, replaced plug still misfiring. With spark at the plug, I assume the coil and wiring are good. next step injector? Does it make sense to run seafom through the upper plenum first? Any ideas?
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