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  • Hey, sorry I missed the private message... how's the truck now? the tie rod hole on the driver side is normal, as that the drag link position for RHD trucks.. AKA. Steering box would be on the other side..
    Not super happy with the thread so I'm reaching out to you regarding aligned to bent position. The tie rod and arm are missing on the Driver side although per the previous owner the damage occured on left. I assume aligned to bent means (not my words but the previous owner, a real slob btw) that it wasnt fixed and that the vehicle was willed to go down the road. The steering wheel is straight and the tires are straight and I'm hoping the lock to lock trick while observing any binds might shed some light. This is an 800 dollar rig and a gem at that for the East. Very little to no rust. I have fixed/salvaged nearly everything on the truck for free. (locks, ignition, sun roofs, windows, headliner, trim, ac, heated seats (fuse), power seats (fuse), electrical coolong fan (fuse) etc.. gremlins are getting their arses kicked
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