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  • Hi Will, I'm looking for front door cards for a 1997 D1 SD. Do you have any? If so, how much shipped to 97212.
    Morning, have 97 D1 309k have a front balancer oil seal leak and suspect worn balancer shaft do you have one? also fuel temp sensor is triggering CEL?your advice welcome. Boxster
    Hey Will,

    Happy Holidays! Do you have a good front right (passenger side) brake Caliper for a '99 Disco 1? If so, can you please provide a price shipped to 75070?


    hey will. do you have any SAI pipes? I'm looking for just the pipes for the left side of the engine. I have the the fittings and controls.
    Hey will Iam sending u this info for the 8 fuel injectors for my 98D1 and the rear brake pads we spoke about thanks again just send me the info threw my email

    Good Tuesday to you. I am looking for some D1 items but have noticed that the forums have been quite the ghost town of late. Please let me know if you happen to have any of the below items for sale. Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.

    1. Rubber mount between the tail light lens guard and the body (driver side)
    2. Corrected front radius arms (4-5" lift).
    3. Cranked rear radius arms (4-5" lift).
    4. 2" dropped shock turrets/mounts front and rear. (or long travel shocks).
    5. Extended brake lines.
    6. Aluminum rear cargo door panel.


    Hey Will,

    How much for a set of Reman heads for a 2002 DII(4.0) shipped to 77386 and how soon would they be available? Debating whether I want to wait on the machine shop or not.


    Hey Will, Do you have a front drivers side cv with axle for a 01 D2? I dont need the hub.

    Hi Will,
    I've been looking at some replacement rotors and brake pads for my 2005 LR3, but there seems to be a ton out there. Do you have a few brands you would recommend? Thanks.

    I'm looking to sell my sister's '98 D1 for her. Great condition - 171K miles. She's moved to NYC and doesn't need a car. It's taking up garage space and I'd like to move it along to someone who could use it more than us. Never been off-roaded. I can send pics upon request or drive it up for you to take a look at. I'm down in Greensboro.

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