1997 LSE White Gold Clean

Apr 20, 2004
Lexington, Va
Originally from NC
new valve cover gaskets
New Plugs and Wires
Interior is excellent
Exterior has some fade but not beat up
New Tires
Has RN style full basket rack
New Shocks


Will text pics to interested buyers.
It's from NC and is as close to rust free as you can get.

3500 OBRO
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Jan 4, 2019
Will I have emailed the address I could find and started a conversation here with you with nothing back yet. I know your super busy and you have a life, I thought that this might alert you, you can call or text 4792631418 or email ryan@erniebiggs.com. I have some trucks to sell 3 non running and 1 98 Woodcote Green 89k miles. Thank you. Ryan