1998 Discovery LSE with low mile 4.6 & custom exhaust $5900 OBO or will sell engine alone


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May 22, 2004
Ithaca, NY
TLDR Short Description:
Super truck with fun extras. $5,900, OBO. apx. 117k miles with apx. 8,000 miles on a new 4.6 Bosch engine. Conversion included extras like headers and custom exhaust. Lots of newer, low mile parts outside of the engine too, battery, alternator, cooler lines, more. Well cared for and parked indoors when not in use most of its life, even during the day at work. I have owned it since 2001 when it was stock and taken good care of it.

Looking for a good home for this great custom Disco, barely gets used anymore. It has been called into duty less of late and the garage is filled up so I'd be happy to see it go to someone who enjoys these trucks.
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Lots of photos here:

Long Description:
The original 4.0 liter engine was pulled out and replaced with a Land Rover Bosch 4.6 engine. This engine alone is worth several thousand dollars. You are getting a vehicle that has
hardly any miles on the engine. All necessary steps to ensure the 4.6 Bosch engine would work in place of the 4.0 GEMS engine have been taken. The engine was properly broken in and is ready roll for many more years. The first oil change after the swap took place with only a few hundred miles on it to ensure everything was good. Heddman Headers have been added to the 4.6 and a killer dual side exit performance exhaust add power and sound awesome, similar to a Mercedes G55 AMG. Dual 3" chrome tips complete the package, tips can be removed easily for a cleaner look or for off road work. Check out the videos at the bottom to hear the exhaust. It is bold, but from the inside at speed there isn't a drone at speed, it also has passed NYS inspection annually no problem.
Viscous fan has been removed in favor of a power saving Flexalite dual electric fan setup with adjustable thermostat. Custom digital Cyberdyne gauges sit in a pod on the dash. They give digital info for oil pressure, water and transmission temperature to allow you to ensure the health of the new and expensive motor, much better than the stock gauges do. They are green to match the illumination of the stock dash lights.
If you have owned another Discovery Series 1 this one will haul up hills and pull your boat better than what you are used to combo of the bigger engine and the headers allows crisp throttle response and more low end grunt. Clips of the exhaust are at the bottom of the description. This Land Rover sounds fantastic and has noticeably more pep than stock.
Condition and Amenities
The body is in good shape, the interior is excellent. Has a few minor scratches in the paint and it shows some signs of being in a Northern climate, far less than you would expect, overall very nice. Passenger door has a pair of quarter sized scratches from inconsiderate other drivers. There is also a crack in the right front bumper end cap. The end cap can be replaced alone, if you wish to repair this, it isn't integrated into the bumper. The rear taillight guard show the worst rust spot, but they can just be removed sanded and painted easily or replaced if you wish. Surface discoloration in a few other spots, the ones on the rear chrome bumper polish right out. Inside the rear doors you can see some paint bubble and discoloration, it isn't bad, the metal is still solid so it can be sanded off and resealed. Nothing seriously cancerous and definitely nothing terminal at all, see the pictures. It also has a stone chip, the size of the tip of a ball point pen on the windshield that has been professionally sealed. This happened the day I got the truck and it has not expanded or changed shape since 2001. A lot of these details are the type of thing other sellers might not mention.
It really is in good shape for being a winter driver, but I worked hard on keeping it clean year round. The paint waxes up real nice to a mirror shine. It is missing a couple mudflaps, long lost during medium duty off road excursions.
It has been amazing in the winter getting through deep snow or winching and recovering cars from ditches and snow banks when called upon. Since it was also a daily driver it was never abused when called into service. At home it is always parked indoors and when taken to work during the week it also enjoyed enclosed garage parking so wear from being out in the sun is far less than what you would see on other 1998 Land Rovers.

I believe the last time I did bulbs they were replaced with PIAA Extreme White bulbs in the air dam fogs, mains, and in the city (ghost) lights. The lights on the chrome brush bar are Hella driving lights for use with the high beams. Tons of light, perfect for spotting deer on the backroads.
The low range and locking diff transfer case work perfectly.
Class III tow hitch.
ECU has been silicone sealed to protect it when splashing in water / crossing small streams.

It will also include the roof rack cross bars, which are not installed in the pictures.

Land Rover logo spare tire cover, and a retractable cargo cover for the rear, OEM rear cargo fitted and removable rubber mat to keep things looking nice. The pictures show tan rubber mats up front those are just snow catchers, I'll pull them out and replace the factory plush tan mats for the sale.

Comes with remote, 2 keys, owners manual, radio code so you don't need the dealer if you disconnect the battery to restore the anti theft system.

Two custom mounted Infinity Basslink subwoofers in the storage compartments, 400 watts of power, just to the subs. Wired remotes to control their levels, which are mounted in the center console so they are easily accessible. The subs provide some nice thump and the mounting almost looks stock.

A/C worked when recharged with R134a, needs a recharge, compressor seems fine. Vacuum hose for the cruise is disconnected, just needs a new rubber hose old one is cracked.
Service records, plenty of $$ have been spent on preventative maintenance and upgrades in the past.
This list doesn't represent everything, just some of the more important things. If the truck was out in a blizzard or fording water, everything underneath, like shafts were regreased for instance.
Oil every 3000 miles on the old engine, new engine had oil and filter
put on multiple times when new to ensure proper break in.
95,400 miles new set of Michelin Cross Terrain SUV tires. They ride great and are excellent in snow.
96,200 miles changed the transmission fluid.
97,200 miles new Magnecor red 8.5mm high performance metallic
inductance EMI suppressed spark plug wires and Bosch Platinum plugs.
101000 miles coolant flush and put in a new thermostat.
102700 miles changed the gear oil in both the front and rear
differentials and in the transfer case and greased the drive shafts.
102900 miles new fuel filter.
104100 miles brand new cross drilled and slotted rotors at all 4
corners and fresh brake pads all the way around and repacked the wheel
107500 miles new serpentine belt.
108200 miles new battery.
New alternator around this time as well.
108200 miles new high performance starter with life time warranty, this is a beefy heavy duty high torque unit for performance Rover V8s.
109400 miles replaced all the calipers and redid the pads up front
due to a sticky piston that ate up a pad. Brakes still pulse, but stop
fine, for a Land Rover Discovery. All the brake parts have very low
109400 miles oil and filter
110365 miles oil and filter
113145 miles new drag link and tie rod ends
114269 miles oil and filter synthetic
115343 miles 4 new oxygen O2 sensors
116000 miles new exhaust and mufflers, one of the pipes is starting to leak, but easy fix.
116700 miles all new transmission hard and soft oil lines x 3, trans fluid flush and, new transmission filter.
Also a newer battery.
I've some other new Rover 4.0 engine parts, I've collected over the years when the price was right, two brand new valve cover gaskets, two brand new rocker assemblies with shafts loaded with new rockers, a new rebuilt water pump, and a brand new set of serious snow tires. I also have the old 4.0 engine if you want it to rebuild, block is good, top end looks decent too. Its short two pistons though. If you are interested in these let me know, but they are not included.

This machine pulled cars out of ditches traversed wintry fields, and took comfortable highway trips. It has been one of my favorite vehicles. It was frequently washed and waxed, even in the winter. Door jambs undersides, and other vulnerable parts were sealed or coated to protect from the weather and grime as best as possible, all of this has contributed to it staying looking so good, despite living up North and not being a fair weather mall cruiser. Clean title in hand. I hope the new owner will enjoy this beast as much as I have. It is one of the more unique 1998 LSE models you'll find for sale and the only one with this exact setup.

Buyer to arrange and pay for shipping as needed. Vehicle sold as is, where is, no warranty. Payment must be made and cleared in full before or at pickup. Feel free to arrange with me to inspect in person.
Videos of dual exhaust setup, videos are older so setup isn't as clean now, but sounds the same:

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May 22, 2004
Ithaca, NY
Bump, I still have have this and have been sort of off and on trying to sell it and juggling space for awhile, I'm reluctantly back in the need to sell it mode because there are too many cars in the garage. PM me an offer.


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May 22, 2004
Ithaca, NY
Update, still looking to sell the Disco whole, but I'm also willing to sell the engine out of this alone for the right price and if that happens then will be willing to part the rest, including the really nice beige leather interior.
If you want just the engine, 8,000 mile Bosch 4.6, I will sell it as a complete fully dressed assembly, pretty much ready for the new owner to drop it into a D1. I will include the newer alternator, newer heavy duty starter, accessories, flex-a-lite dual electric fan setup, basically all the custom parts and modifications needed to make it work in a D1 will come with it, also will include either the Hedman headers if you wish to do a custom exhaust, these really are a great addition, or will include a set of basically new stock exhaust manifolds, buyer's choice. If you want the Cyberdyne gauges and sensors I'll include those too. I'll sell this setup for $3,500 crated and shipped anywhere in the continental U.S.. If you are local I'll even help you install it if you want. If you want just the longblock for some other non-D1 related project I'm willing to negotiate on the price.


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May 22, 2004
Ithaca, NY
Located in Ithaca, NY.
Cash in my hand and an empty garage bay certainly will talk as, in terms of just the winter/trail/hauling vehicles, the garage is keeping 4 other SUVs right now. This Disco just doesn't get the call to duty as much as those others like it used to and it sitting doesn't do anyone any good. That said I need to at least get what I could if I completely part it or what I could get if the 4.6 engine sells and I put in a spare 4.0L I have sitting around and sell it in stock form for a grand or so. Maybe if it had a lift, some big tires, or more kit on it, it would be more desirable, but as is I think it is in nice enough shape and has a sweet setup that makes the $5900 ask a reasonable starting place, a lot less than what I originally was hoping it was worth. Open to offers.