2003 DII 7-Pass Rebuilt 4.6 - $10,500 Chlt, NC


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Apr 6, 2016
Morgantown, WV
Take 100 very good quality photos (read their guide on how to photograph a vehicle) and put it on BAT. There's a few people who bash on every DII on there whenever one comes up but you've done the work (liners, rebuild) they usually bash on.

Dweb is only a place to sell $1500 trail rigs.

My D1 went for $15K on BAT. I was pleased.

Greg Davis

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Apr 20, 2004
Charlotte, NC
Going by memory:

I had around $5K in hard parts and machine work, then around another $1K in hoses, coolant lines, misc fitting and clamps that would break or leak. I could have saved about $700 by going with stock cam/lifters and skipping the custom rocker arm girdles.

None of that includes my labor, balancing the piston/conn rod assemblies, or pulling/reinstalling the engine.



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Jul 18, 2005
Phoenix, AZ
I had about 4k invested in my rebuild, using D&D with the Cam upgrade.. but probably closer to 5k when I did some cooling system upgrades afterwards.

the deputy

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Sep 20, 2017
Great looking rig. Hope it was a burnette that bought it and she's driving it home right now. I'm logging off now, so l can stare out the window in anticipation!

The guys at D&D are the best. They're right around the corner from me and are very helpful, regardless if you are having them do work or just need advice. When l was inquiring about a rebuild of my 03 engine...they supported my beliefs of pulling the plug (repairs were pushing stupid money for a live in Michigan framed rover).