Advice for work to do while the engine is out


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Ok, I'm down to the long block now, and found plenty of little things to fix I didn't know about:
1. Cracked flex plate
2. VERY loose timing chain
3. Loose coil pack (not bolted back on my shop)
4. Stripped out exhaust header bolt hole

Visual inspection of the valves and cam looks good though. A little crust on some of the push rods, but none look substantially worse/better than the others, and no immediate evidence of coolant leak, etc. Also nothing too scary in the oil sump or intake strainer.

My next question is: Other than checking for cylinder scoring/porosity should I do anything about the "bottom end"? (Which I take to mean the piston rods, bearings, and crank shaft? Other than removing the connecting rod caps and removing the bearings I don't know how to test for excess wear/etc.