Damaged air hose?

LR Max

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May 1, 2004
Hotlanta, GA
Just replaced my struts (and other suspension parts, it needed it). After I got everything together, I cranked the engine and let the air suspension re-fill. The air line to the strut then blew out of the new air strut. I've got a pic attached of what I saw. I was so pissed, I left.

Any thoughts on how to proceed? Its a new air strut. I didn't exactly follow the fitting replacement process (I took it all apart and didn't put the plastic piece back in) but the bevel was up. The air hose looks like it has some deep grooves in it. Is the air hose shot? If so, would you buy an OEM hose or after market and route it?



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Dec 5, 2004
Los Angeles, Ca
I don't see any damage. The air line just gets pushed into the fitting. If anything, just buy a new fitting and push the line in as far as it goes. You can spray some lube on it if you can't get it fully seated.


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Mar 19, 2017
Cape Town, South Africa
If you have enough hose available, just cut the end off the one giving you problems at the deep grooves, re bevel it and push it in.
The grooves are from the coupler, they hold the hose in the fitting, it could be that the new strut won't lock onto the hose.