Help with registering a discovery without a title


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Apr 4, 2013
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Bought a 95 discovery out of California with three bills of sale first one sold in 97 to buyer 2 sold Jan 2021 to buyer three then a few months ago to me in Oregon - I was hoping that a bill of sale would work here but they told me today that without a title no way I can register it - anyone know a plan to get a replacement title from I assume buyer two on the title - or should I just part it out and look for a different one at this point - or is it destined to be a farm truck5060CC64-97DF-467C-BAEA-421DC90B3F2D.jpeg


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Aug 7, 2016
Google is your friend.

Bonded Title​

If a car is purchased without a title and ordering a duplicate is not feasible, the buyer can apply for a bonded title. The application process usually requires proof of ownership in the form of a bill of sale, state-required documents and payment to the company that issues the bond. Once approved, the buyer can take the certificate of bond to the state DMV to get a bonded title. Generally speaking, if ownership of the vehicle is not successfully challenged in court for 3 years, the bonded title can be converted to a standard certificate of title.


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Feb 4, 2008
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There’s an abandoned vehicle title process in VA. I had to send a registered letter to the last owner on file, and then wait 30 days.