New Bronco


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Aug 7, 2016
It honestly looked even smaller than the wrangler to me
That makes me really interested in one. I'm not an overlander or let's throw in the fam, dog, tent, etc, and go camping. I'm a pick up a couple of friends, or maybe the fam minus all the frills, and hit the trails. As such there is a certain footprint I don't want to exceed and a Wrangler is about it. That coming from a guy whose time on the trails has amounted to narrow tree lined trails through striper pits where space is at a premium.
Aug 20, 2007
Nashville TN
I think they look great on the road. size looks just right for an off-roader. could be a bit bigger for a family hauler for sure, but overall I think it's a nice size.. I seen them just about daily now headed south out of downtown nashville. they have a good presence on the road.I'd still prefer a Grenadier, but if that doesn't work out when I stop DD-ing my D2, then a bronco is on the list next to a land cruiser or an LR3 or LR4.


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Jan 14, 2012
So, I just read that the Bronco is based on the Ranger T6 platform.

The T6 was chosen partially due to its similarity in size to the wrangler, which is seen as the Broncos main competitor.

So it seems tiny and wrangler-sized...cuz that's what it's supposed to be 🤷