Options on my "totaled" 04D2


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Aug 3, 2007
Holly Ridge, NC
Unfortunately life has intervened on my plans with my D2. Last Wednesday a Marine 7ton side swiped it and the insurance company has decided to total it out. I am still waiting on the adjuster to send someone out to assess its value and let me know what they will pay for it.

In the mean time I am looking into a few courses of action.

  1. Buy it back and fix it. Not the hardest thing to do, it appears to be mainly cosmetic and after pricing out the parts, looks to be in the $2K range to fix with an aftermarket bumper. I’ve talked to a few guys who are familiar with this kind of work and they all agree it’s not an issue. I fixed a D1 with front end damage that was much worse without issue.
  2. Take the money and run.
  3. Buy it back and drive it as is, banking the money until I find a nice D1 or RRC that is at a price point I am comfortable with. Sell the D2 with a salvaged title to someone who wants a trail rig, or wants to fix it. (this seems to be the go to COA).
  4. Buy it back and keep it as is, making a trail rig out of it and buying something else.

We have owned the D2 for 12 years, and as we usually do we have become emotionally attached to the stupid thing. BUT I really want a RRC or a D1 (preferably an early model 5 speed, if I could find a LHD 3 door 5 speed that would be ideal).

If we go with option 3 above, what is the likelihood someone would buy it with a salvaged title? I know that I usually run when I see “salvage title” in a description. However I will enclose full disclosure as to its issues and why it received a salvage title. I’m thinking it could bring ok money if I sold it un-repaired.

Thanks for the input.