RRC exhaust swap - what do I need?


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May 21, 2007
Need to replace the exhaust on my 1993 SWB. Pipe cracked off behind the muffler, the rear portion of the pipe and resonator are just dangling on the mounts. I have access to a parts truck and would like to cannibalize the exhaust system off that thing to use as an interim measure until I figure out what I want as a long term solution.

Before I get going on this, are there any parts, tools, or tricks specific to this job that I should acquire in advance? Not having done this before, it would seem like a straightforward remove and replace, but it's rarely that easy. Any new gaskets or hardware I should install during the swap? The only junction should be the Y-pipe to exhaust pipe, correct? Assuming I can remove everything else in one piece. Haven't looked at that junction yet, it's possible the hardware is rusted and will make life difficult.


Apr 22, 2005
I have an aftermarket muffler and no resonator on mine, but it's all one piece (welded) from y-pipe to tail. It may be a bit hard removing around the axle if it's one piece. Maybe see if you can split it after the muffler.
Apr 20, 2004
Lexington, Va
Do we need to have a telephone session? I will waive the normal fee for you guys.

The couple I conferenced called yesterday were super pleased. In fact at the end of the conversation she was interested in outfitting her Range Sport.

It's not a sign of weakness at all. It's a rock solid step to building a strong foundation and open line of communication for future Rover needs.