**SOLD** 1991 RRC Great Divide Edition | Trail Ready | 9K


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Nov 7, 2004
Phoenix, AZ
Real shame someone actually destroyed a GDE edition assuming it actually is one. And if so not much left of it.
The plastic decals are easily made. The metal badge on the tailgate not so much although some Rangie dealers had some for customers and gave them out.
This is the metal badge they all had on the tailgate drive’s side upper left:
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This badge was only used to promote The Great Divide Expedition. It was issued to dealers in 1989 when the Great Divide Expedition occurred. Whether or not it was on a vehicle, had no significance. It did not designate a vehicle was a Great Divide Edition. Yes, some GDE did have them, but so did some 1989 models dealers placed them on. And as dealers passed the badges out to customers they could have appeared anywhere or on any vehicle.
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