Testing fuel pressure on a Rover V8 with accessible fuel pressure test port


Over the years I've been around here, one of the tools for which there is an almost constant need is a fuel pressure tester. What I offer today is my interpretation on the fuel pressure gauge for a Land Rover!

First off, a picture of all the pats needed:

First we start with the gauge and put just enough pipe dope on it to ensure it won't leak, but not enough the Thom gets all upset.

Now we screw the gauge into the tee:

Let's screw the nipple into the tee. Again, just enough pipe dope to seal it:

Lastly, we screw the Shrader valve adapter into the tee:

Depressurize the fuel system, remove the Shrader valve adapter, thread your newly assembled pressure gauge in and away we go!

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Thanx Timmy.

One of the reason I use the blingin' Stainless Steel gauges is the fact that they can be left in place. When I was using less expensive brass gauges, they'd start losing their zero in weeks and i a few months, they were worthless. So far, I've run a stainless gauge on my Disco for going on three years with no zero migration.

Stay tuned, I'm on a roll and I hired a CAD design engineer to work with me on developing tools and some of the ideas I've been working on for a coupla years.
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Nov 10, 2006
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Im tring to.bring this thread back to life. Id like to mount a fuel.pressure.gauge on a disco 2. Has anyone here done this, is there a port somewhere on the vlock i could mount a sender unit?


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Sep 14, 2016
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I meant to ask @ptschram or anyone else since I want to do this to my Thor V8... what is the fuel rail's schrader valve fitting thread size for the 4.0L Thor V8?
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It is a standard Schrader valve but you need a right angle adapter to used a standard gauge.
There are AT LEAST two different sizes of Shrader valves used on fuel rails-I had to stock multiple sizes of fittings on my Snap-On truck.

In the unlikely event I remember, I will measure a Motronics fuel rail and report back.

I'm amazed that damn near ten years after I submitted this idea to public disclosure, it is STILL timely!

Sadly, Thom is no longer with us. If the thunder don't get ya, the lightnin' will. I'm sad he didn't survive his journey through the valley of Cancer like I did, but it has to happen to us all at some point.