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    Mine has a thrush "flowmaster" style 2 chamber. It sounded good with the resonator, cat - delete, and muffler. Now it's annoying without the resonator!
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    I am cat less as well. No foul smells from the exhaust either. I did make the mistake of cutting off my resonator though.
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    02 D2 Vibration - help tracking down after lots of work!

    I had a bad vibration with mine. I put a cdl transfer case in mine, and the vibrations went away. In my case it was the bearings in the transfer case.
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    Know my Disco loves me...

    Replace the center ball while you're at it!
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    LT230 pic's…for reference

    Is there any way to get the slop out of the case ? I think most of it comes from the "spider"gears in the diff.
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    Loud clunk/bang in front end

    My noises ended up being 2 broken front springs!
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    Now parting 04 D2 Black on Black 103k

    How much for the 3rd members each? My rear one is roached!
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    2000 disco 2 falls on its face when you give it gas

    That's what I was thinking on the maf.
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    mt orab to gray hawk ky move

    We had cut backs, so they brought out the uh-1b hueys to pick us up!
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    mt orab to gray hawk ky move

    I landed a sweet job at the bluegrass army depot, highly classified shit! Seriously! Our pasture fields and hay fields are leased out until November. We plan on doing black Angus again after the lease is up.
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    Removing rear AC?

    I know with the 90 degree temps we are having, i wish I had rear a/c !
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    mt orab to gray hawk ky move

    Hey Kennith, this is also a "stand your ground state"......