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    Rausch Creek Oct 25-30

    Hey... I'll be in PA Oct 25-30 and was wondering if anyone wanted to meet up at Rausch Creek.
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    Hella lights/Toyo AT tire

    PM sent...
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    Trail Worthy Fab's LED Light bar's...

    Mongo, Did you get the "trail" or "pro" series lamps?
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    D2 Passanger Quater Panel - Green

    Guys, This is a weird request but if anyone is parting out a Epsom Green Disco 2 I need the passenger rear quater. I would really like the dark green one with glass intact. email me at bribassguy at BCM
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    2001 D2 Feeler, Lots of recent work!

    If you think real estate is slow.... trying to unload a 10 year old Land Rover at almost $7K is going to be a shock to your system. BCM
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    converting freelander to 2wd?

    I would guess that you'd have to add a locking diff some where you get 2wd. right now just one wheel spins when stuck?
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    High beam +12v wire color?

    Why not just tap the fuse? I'd recommend using the parking lights to feed the relay.
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    How is the front bumper cover removed

    I find rocks work well and are more environmentally friendly than the saw.
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    L8 DII Radius Arms

    Are these back up for sale, what's the asking price?
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    Now parting 03 and 04 d2's

    How about the 04 air box lid (the part with the metal clips that connect to the intake hose). I broke one of the clips. Shipped to 29212. Thanks, BCM
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    L8 Ashcroft 1/2 shaft sale

    I am guessing that these are rears? What about fronts with CV's?
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    02 DII Serpentine Belt replacement

    It can be replaced w/o the fan removed... it's just a little tricky to snake the belt around and make sure it doesn't get nicked.
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    Video of 2013 Defender Concepts

    Wow, that's bad.... tire spikes?
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    03 with "loud Lifters"

    My bet would be liner too... it sound like "lifters" to the non-rover guy.
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    D-II Mantec snorkle w/ fender

    PM sent...